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What we do for you

Help, Support & Troubleshoot your PC

Just as the big corporations have their own IT department, as a subscriber to our Small Business Support Package you will have the equivalent resources of a full-time computer techincian available to you - all without additional expense!

As a subscriber help from CIA is as easy as an email or phone-call and our tehcnician can usually diagnose and resolve your computer problem; but don't worry about those problems that are more sophisticated - our technician can schedule an on-site visit if needed - all without additional expense to you.

Our tech support specialists, with the use of highly secure remote support tools, can manage your PC as if they were seated right next to you. CIA uses a suite of diagnostic and computer repair software to accurately find the root of any computer problems you're having and fix it quickly.

Before providing our quality tech support, one of our techies will simply explain what your PC's problems are and how we advise fixing them.

New Computer Setup / Upgrade

Bought a new PC? Our online tech support team will help you transfer your existing files, personal settings, and system preferences (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.) to your new PC with ease. Additionally, 24/7 Techies' specialists will install essential security software and patches to keep your computer safe.

Planning to upgrade your existing computer? 24/7 Techies will take you through the various options available to help you make an informed decision.

Help connecting devices to Home Computer

Printers, scanners, smart phones, and cameras that you use with your home computer always seem to fail when you want them to work the most. CIA can help you troubleshoot those annoying problems that crop up when transferring images from your camera to your PC or music from your PC to your MP3 Player. Our support specialists will configure and troubleshoot your computer so that devices connecting with your PC deliver.

PC Maintenance

CIA will help you improve the performance of your computer by optimizing it and then, by keeping necessary applications regularly updated. This will help your PC run like new all the time, in the same way a regularly maintained car does. Regular PC maintenance removes viruses, spyware, and other nasty programs, ensuring that your computer's resources are utilized by essential, safe programs.

Last update: 17/07/2015
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